Take2 : Bachelor Number Seven
Posted on April 22, 2010 by Take2 | 2 Comments
“You’ve been checking on my facts, and I admit I have been lax” Vampire Weekend

I had chatted to him a lot. He had been emailing me as well. He was 39, which was technically outside my search brackets but I thought still okay. His profile photo was grainy but I could see he was quite handsome.
His car, a black Porsche 911, was a big selling point. I’ve always wanted a ride in one of them. My dream car. Other than an Audi R8 or a DB9 of course.
On the eve of my birthday I gave him my number. He suggested that we have a birthday eve drink. I said yes. He panicked. He had been joking. He sent me an email saying he needed to tell me some things before we could meet up.
So it turns out that I had been chatting to my first online dating faker. Serious faker. The photo was fake (it was a client of his). The name was fake. And when he sent me a real photo, it was clear that the age was fake. I’d have placed him at 45 by the photo.
Why was he faking? He claimed it was because he was semi-famous. He was a lawyer for famous people, and he didn’t want to embarrass them or himself. I suspected wifey might not be impressed either, but didn’t ask about being married.
So we texted back and forth through the afternoon. He sent his real photo, in which he looked a tiny bit like Harold from Neighbours. But he drove a Porsche. And it was birthday eve. I agreed to still meet up. I asked if he’d pick me up, but he wanted to drink so sent me a Silver Service taxi instead. I played up the younger woman element. I wore a sort black dress, and a long shiny cream jacket. With bling.